Paul Ambrose Trail for Health (PATH) is a growing bicycle and pedestrian trail system providing alternative transportation opportunities as well as free, healthy recreational opportunities for the City of Huntington and surrounding areas.

PATH aids in reducing traffic congestion by offering alternative transportation options; connects business, schools and communities; provides recreational opportunities for residents at no cost, and contributions to the growth of local business.

An alternative transportation system is simply a non-motorized form of transportation with the focus being on pedestrians and cycling instead of vehicular traffic. PATH helps create a safe alternative transportation system for citizens who wish to walk or bike as a daily routine in addition to enriching recreation in Huntington and the surrounding areas.

Currently, PATH is located in several different locations around the City of Huntington. Many sections of PATH are on or in connection with the Greater Huntington Parks.

PATH sections consist of trailheads, bike lanes, and trails. Currently, trailheads can be found at St. Cloud Commons, Harveytown Park, Ritter Park, Spring Hill Cemetery, Guyandotte/Altizer, Riverside Park, and along the floodwall in West Huntington.

PATH bike lanes run along 4th Avenue in downtown Huntington from Hal Greer Blvd to 8th Street. The sharrow lanes along 10th Street extend from Ritter Park to Veteran’s Memorial Blvd making for easy access from Southside to the downtown area.

Each section of PATH varies in length. To locate the various sections of PATH, check out our interactive map!

Currently PATH is approximately 16 miles across 10 different sections. Completed sections of PATH include 0.9 of a mile at St. Cloud Commons, 3.5 miles of paved inner roadway in Spring Hill Cemetery and bike lanes throughout downtown Huntington.

The sections of PATH are connected by city sidewalks and roads, however some portions of these roads are located in high traffic areas and only riders with proper knowledge, experience and gear should use share the road connections.

Each section of PATH has parking at the trailhead or close to the trailhead.

Specific locations of parking can be viewed on our interactive map.

Future plans for PATH include the trails being connected as a continuous bike and pedestrian pathway. Stakeholders are currently evaluating ways to incorporate additional connector pieces and sections. Future PATH sections include Harveytown, the Levee Trail, Guyandotte and sections of Share the Road and bike lanes.

Because the PATH spans across the City of Huntington, partnerships with City of Huntington and the Greater Huntington Parks & Recreation District are crucial to the planning and implementation of PATH. Future plans for PATH will be a regional trail system, serving Cabell and Wayne counties. The completion of PATH is expected in 2024.

Different sections of PATH are maintained by different organizations depending on location.

If you wish to bring attention to a maintenance issue, you can contact us by email at path@njrati.org or send us a message on Facebook, and we forward your request to the appropriate parties.

PATH is a community project and thrives on the support of the residents, and there are many ways to get involved:

Volunteer: Volunteers are always needed to help with fundraising, planning and race-day activities.

Sponsor PATH: PATH sponsors are recognized at Fit Fest for their support of the PATH. Sponsors are a vital component to the continuing development and construction of the PATH.

Donate: The faster we raise money, the faster our PATH gets built! Build your piece of the PATH by donating directly. For every dollar donated, 80 percent is designated for construction and 20 percent for maintenance.

Participate: Make your mark on the PATH by joining us for the annual Fit Fest event. This event is designed to promote healthy lifestyles and serve as a fundraiser for the PATH.

For more information about how to get involved, email us at path@njrati.org

You can stay up to date on all the projects and events going on with PATH by visiting our social network accounts.

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